How to Live More Sustainably and Why it Makes a Difference

Sustainability is a goal of many companies and individuals. In the long run, it really does have an impact on the planet we live on. Let us take a very close look at how to live more sustainably and why it makes a difference.
Use Less Water
To start things off, use less water whenever possible. When you take a shower, limit yourself to just a couple of minutes every evening. Many shower heads have eco-friendly modes that spray tiny droplets of water to consume less overall. When washing your hands, shut off the water as you rub your fingertips together. You’ll be conserving water and making things easier on water supply companies.

In addition, you’ll cut down on your monthly utility bill. There’s a common misconception that just because water can’t be destroyed, you can’t wastewater. Water treatment and processing plants take a lot of energy and inevitably use chemicals to purify the water. The bottom line is when you don’t have to use water, don’t call upon a flow from your pipes.
Eat Natural Foods
Next in line, eat natural foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One great way to achieve this is to go vegan or vegetarian. However, you don’t need to follow these diets if you don’t want to. There are natural alternatives to common foods on all the shelves in the supermarket. For example, raw orange blossom honey is a fantastic alternative to traditional honey that is processed many times over.


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Author, psychologist & blogger. Love tea, underdogs,kind people & my bed … CBT Counsellor/ Blog:

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Mandy Kloppers

Mandy Kloppers

Author, psychologist & blogger. Love tea, underdogs,kind people & my bed … CBT Counsellor/ Blog:

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